Mount Evans Wilderness Resthouse Trail – June 21 and 22, 2014

Sara and I took our dog Verin on this trip. We were unsure about how much she could handle as she’s 13 years old, but she’s a real trooper.

We started off on Saturday morning at Echo Lake trailhead. This is where the road to the top of Mount Evans begins as well as several trails. The trail began in the forest and did not have much in the way of views until we got to an old burn area near 11,000 feet where views of the areas two 14ers came into view.

photo 13

On the way to camp we took a short side trip to Lincoln Lake. You can see the Mount Evans road in the distance.

photo 14

After some time at the lake we decided to head to the Resthouse meadows to set up camp. We found this beautiful spot near a small pond and set up for the night.

photo 10

Then we took a nap. The dog was grateful for it.

photo 6

Settling down with the dog by the evening fire.

photo 2

In the morning after a nice hike out we stopped by the Echo Lake store and had some of their (semi) famous blueberry pie.




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